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Welcome to, where we value your online journey in the world of shoes. To ensure a delightful and tailored visit to our website (, we leverage cookies. By exploring and enjoying our site, you are consenting to the use of cookies as elaborated in this Cookie Policy.

Understanding Cookies

Cookies, those tiny text files sent by websites and stored in your browser, play a vital role in enhancing your browsing experience. At, or through third parties, these files help recognize you, making your future visits more valuable and convenient.

Two main types of cookies make this magic happen:

Persistent Cookies: These keep your info and settings for future visits.

Session Cookies: Used to identify a specific visit and bid adieu when you close your browser.

How We Use Cookies

When you land on, we place various cookies in your browser to:

Enable specific functions on the site.

Harness analytics, using both session and persistent cookies, to boost site performance.

Types Of Cookies Used On

Strictly Necessary Cookies: These indispensable cookies make navigation and using the site’s features seamless.

Performance Cookies: We employ performance cookies, like Google Analytics, to gather anonymous data about your website usage. This helps us enhance site functionality, understand user interests, and refine our marketing strategies.

Third-Party Cookies: Alongside our cookies, third-party cookies may be at play, contributing to:

Reporting site usage statistics.

Enhancing your user experience on the site. Note: Platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter might use cookies when you share our content.

As we don’t call the shots on these third-party cookies, check their respective websites for more info on managing them.

Your Cookie Choices

While most web browsers offer cookie management in their settings, keep in mind that limiting or deleting cookies might impact your overall user experience.

To take charge of your cookies, refer to your web browser’s help pages.

Where To Find More Information About Cookies

For a deep dive into cookies and how to manage them, check out:

All About Cookies

Network Advertising Initiative

At, transparency is key. We are dedicated to providing a smooth browsing experience while respecting your privacy preferences.

We believe this Cookie Policy sheds light on how cookies work on our website, empowering you to make informed privacy decisions. If you have further questions about our cookie usage, feel free to reach out.

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